A crown is one the most common dental restoration used to restore the function of damaged tooth. The crown helps to restore the missing tooth to its normal shape, size, and function. A crown can make the tooth stronger and enhance the way it looks. Dental veneers are layers of tooth -colored materials designed to cover your teeth for making your smile more beautiful and protecting the tooth `s surface from damage.

Nowadays, in the world of Dentistry, There are many types of dental crowns and Dental veneers and they can use in different situations.  You can learn more about them.

Here are some of the crown materials according to Veneer Toronto website:


Zirconia is a very popular crowns material. This crystalline substance is metal-free and is often in one piece and attaches to your jawbone.


Crowns which are made of metals (gold, alloy, platinum) can resist high pressure and are more presistant for chewing. The main problem with these crowns is their metalic and unnatural color.


These types of crowns are usually fused to other metals (PFM) and can match the neighboring teeth color-wise. That’s why they can look very natural. But there’s flaw; PFMs may chip-off easily.


All-resin crowns are probably one of the best ones. But the main issue is that they wear off easily the undergo wear and tear way more than other types of crowns.

The demtal crown you choose (whether preformed, zirconia, metal, gold, alloys, resin or ceramic) depends on how many times you want do this, how much you are willing to pay for it and how important aesthetics are to you.


Dental crown’s pain:

Even if your dentist installs a crown for you, it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel any pain any more, even after you have fully recovered after the surgery.

Some common reasons of pain:

  • Uneven bite (often for people suffering bruxism)
  • Bacteria increase
  • Root damage

If you feel any pain in your dental crowns, you must call your dentist and ask for an emergency visit immediately.

First of all, they will determine whether you suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding) or not. Tooth grinding usually happens at night.

Bruxism symptoms are tired and tight jaw muscle, feeling pain right after waking up and soreness and swelling.

Anyhow, you must contact your emergency dentist ASAP.


Dental crown protection:

Obviously, a healthy oral care routine is necessary for decreasing bacteria and preventing toothache.

Here, we’re going to mention a few oral cate tips:

  • Do not eat sticky foods that need too much chewing. These foods may loosen your crowns.
  • After installing either a temporary or permanent dental crown, try to reduce the usage of crowned teeth while chewing.
  • Try to lessen consumption of solid and hard foods to prevent the crowns from breaking.
  • While flossing crowned teeth, try to move the floss in and out rather than up and down.
  • After installing dental crowns, you must keep your mouse clean and healthy and also avoid chewing hard or sticky consumables.

How long do dental crowns last?

Longevity of dental crowns generally depends on dentist’s skills and knowledge, patient’s experience, crown material and patient’s general health.





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